Winters how to buy humidifiers

  As cooler weather becomes increasingly drier and temperatures lower and lower. Beijing will soon usher in the city heating, home heating will keep indoor temperatures, but will also have a corresponding indoor humidity problems occur is not enough. Body in the case of climate 50%, and is the most comfortable, reaction and response of the brain is the most agile, keep indoor humidity needs to increase humidifier. Humidifiers on the market today is the most popular is the ultrasonic atomizing humidifier, the water molecules are converted into mist sprayed into the air, thereby increasing indoor humidity. Winter Seasonal, home gifts in the market of small household electrical appliances will give much attention to the humidifier, and a wide variety of products how to buy a humidifier?
    first, Visual method can open the humidifier sizing switch to moderate, and then observe the concentration of water, good description of white fog effects, particle size of water molecules, whereas the better. Second, handing method, with hands in front of nozzle humidifier 10CM, for 30 seconds, observe Palms wet, moist but not dripping, wet feeling and the Palm will not drop significantly as the preferred. With these two laws believed to be able to choose the right humidifier.