Cheats Tips of holiday shopping affordable home

Cheats Tips of holiday shopping affordable home. Approaching Spring Festival, the annual taste more and more heavy, the layout of major shopping malls and hot, in the major shopping district, merchants are using a variety of Chinese new year decorations, to create a hot spring festival atmosphere, enhance the desire to buy, at the same time, many promotions will also be "year" set off more lively. Purchase Spring Festival shopping mall is a must when in place, how to take advantage of opportunities now to a purchase to the appropriate new year, tips cheats can be purchased so you can smooth Spring Festival shopping.
    first: pick day shopping weekend shopping the most affordable
    Spring Festival in the first week of war, select weekends shopping is the most affordable. For example, friendship shopping center, new Mart Shopping Plaza, McKellar shop launched cosmetics promotions limited time promotion only on weekends, to the 10th or 11th deadline. Want to carefully take care during the new year "prestige projects" consumers must pay attention, don't miss the shopping time. In addition, while general merchandise marketing as usual, but businesses will introduce many features activities, such as fulfilment of gifts, trade, which on weekdays is not.
    the second measure: according to local conditions, all the membership function
    end of Member activities are many consumers don't forget to bring your membership. Carrefour city stores, for instance, points for gift voucher, gift shopping fulfilment activities, like hot ticket membership gifts are very popular. Parkson shopping from the introduction of electronic score, if you have a membership card, recommended to businesses to upgrade your membership as soon as possible, also can participate in the points for activities such as Salad bowls, frying pans, steamers and other products well.
    the third move: ox touch Awards, raffle for a less
    the end of almost every Mall has launched activities such as sweepstakes, gift. Like other valuable prizes, you can choose to store McKellar, gold bar, LCD TV, laptops, digital cameras, business is given in good faith. Want with years of gift, you can go to Dalian new world department store, shopping mall, new Mart, Qiulin women shop, men's stores, 200 buildings and large appliance shop, they will send Chinese new year blessing, red, red wine, new year gifts, festive gift boxes, pendants and other festive new year gifts to ensure the atmosphere around you to create a prosperous new year. Like the affordable home life gift, parkson shopping recommendations concern, new world Plaza store. Induction cooker, salad, rice, soya-bean milk machine, microwave ovens, and other daily necessities in the gift catalog, and look at what you say.