What kind of gifts can impress her

    flowers are always fresh and romantic gift, if you are a serious person, you should send roses to her. Even weekdays are not like flowers of her (perhaps more so say roses are corny and waste), but in some special days, you don't? Will be sorry.
    candy is a symbol of sweetness and to what people are good. This point it more broadly than chocolate.
    If you are a sweet person, send candy. Most girls like to eat candy, if beautifully packaged candy, such as candy and strange rubber placed in advance of lucky star glass jar, then, hee hee, received the gift she actually award you a warm KISS, sweeter than you eat candy!
    love poems:
    If you are a people who have no money to buy flowers and too lazy to calculate. Her "poems", and say it openly to her, expressing your "poems" read, think very mysterious, that reading poetry is even more mysterious. "Heaven and Earth, but you must" seemed too tragic, "I wish to be a lamb, with you, I wish you every day a thin whip gently on my body" ... ... Of course, if I can create a better, don't have this.
    If you are a billionaire tycoons, you should invite her to Valentine's Day dinner, candlelight dinner, of course, that still use to say? Black dresses, white table linen, Pan-silver cutlery against the bright roses. Romantic violin flow transfer people itching to scratch notes, not shaky timing out during a meal that had her name engraved necklace she wore it for her. Girls are a bit vain, no she'd agreed to marry you! (RTHK TV drama bad bridges, however, hundreds of times! )
    or can consider giving her the ring. But a ring to have exquisite, Golden too cheesy, too expensive diamonds, sent Platinum, a small circle, first trapping her. Don't get me wrong, ring was not a trap, even if it is, the love trap and what harm does it do? If Platinum is not good, then send ivory, is taste.

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